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The Lewis E. Harris Fellow award is granted by the Board of Directors for outstanding contributions to ACIL and the industry.


The Truesdail Award was established in 1959 and has been presented since then to a select group of individuals. Recipients are chosen by an Awards Committee, which consists of past Truesdail Award recipients. The Award recognizes significant contributions to the betterment of the independent scientific, engineering, and testing community. The Award is named for the founder of Truesdail Laboratories, an ACIL charter member. Dr. Truesdail gave 40 years of dedicated service to ACIL and independent laboratories.


Preston Millar, late president of ETL Testing laboratories (now a part of Intertek Testing Services), was the first President of ACIL, serving from 1937-39. Each year, ACIL's Chair presents Millar Awards to individuals who have made special contributions to the success of the association over the past year or years.


Lewis E. Harris Fellow Award Winners

2012 Stephen Vincent
2007 Earl Hansen
2004 Walter A. Poggi
2002 A. Warne Boyce
2001 Grover C. Williams, P.E.
1999 Joseph O'Neil
1997 Joe W. Jeanes, P.E.
1996 Richard T. Kanemasu, P.E.
1994 Ronald L. Harris
1993 Roger J. Amorosi, P.E.
1992 Dr. Earl H. Hess
1991 Gladys B. Berchtold
1990 Conway C. Burton, P.E.
1989 Wm. Kenneth Johnson, P.E.
1988 Erskine B. Mayo, Jr.
1987 Dr. Bernard L. Oser
  Dr. Lewis E. Haris


Roger W. Truesdail Award for Outstanding Service Winners

2012 Steve Vanderboom, Pace Analytical Services
2011 John Molloy, H2MCompanies
2009 Jeffrey N. King, Ph.D., Keystone Laboratories, Inc.
2007 James E. Laier, Southern Earth Sciences
2006 Thomas R. Berg, Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories
2005 J. Trevor Boyce, Microbac Laboratories
2004 Ellis Rosenberg, Automated Test Laboratories, Inc.
2003 Samuel H. Kirby, Jr., Froehling & Robertson, Inc.
2002 Troy Stallard, Standard Laboratories, Inc.
2001 Don Meyn, Delta Testing and Inspection, Inc.
2000 Herbert E. Wilgis, Penniman & Browne
1999 A. Warne Boyce, Microbac Laboratories
  William S. Hurst, P.E., Communication Certification Services, Inc.
1998 Rihard W. Kistner, P.E., Raba-Kistner Consultants, Inc.
1997 David Krashes, The MMR Group
  Steven M. Bowser, Bowser-Morner
1996 J. James Pearce, Jr., Hill Top Research
1995 Susan R. Arnesn, Testing Engineers & Consultants
1994 Walter A. Poggi, Retlif Testing Laboratories
  Steven A. Fisher, Brown & Caldwell
1993 J. Wilson Hershey, Lancaster Laboratories
1992 James S. Hostler, Esq, Kirkland & Ellis
1991 Grover C. Williams, Trinity Engineering Testing Corporation
1989 Larry D. Scoggins, Law Associates
1988 Gladys B. Berhtold, Standard Laboratories
1986 Warren N. Lacey, Southern Laboratories
1985 Harry Czyzewski, MEI-Charlton
1984 Leland J. Walker, Northern Engineering Testing
1983 Earl H. Hess, Lancaster Laboratories
1982 Wm. Kenneth Johnson, Soil Consultants<
1981 William H. Greer, Southwestern Laboratories
1980 Louis Pierre Ledoux, Ledoux and Company
1979 Conway C. Burton, Chicago Testing Laboratory
  Robert Price, Standard Laboratories
1978 Erskine B. Mayo, Jr., Lucius Pitkin
1977 John F. Gislason, Twin City Testing Corporation
  Joe W. Jeanes, Southwestern Laboratories<
1976 Philip D.Barnard,Southern Inspection Service
  Paul D. Cretien, Texas Testing
1972 >Elmer F. Glabe, Food Technology
  Robert J. Wening, Bowser-Morner<
  Roger W. Truesdail, Truesdail Laboratories
1970 Ronald L. Harris, Harris Laboratories
  George H.Nelson, Law Engineering
1968 Monroe L. Patzig, Patzig Testing
1967 John A. McFarlane, Law Engineering
1964 Cecil M. Shilstone, Shilstone Testing
1962 Bernard L. Oser, Food and Drug Research
1961 Herbert M. Block, United States Testing Company
1960 E.Harder, Barrow- Agee Laboratories
1959 Lewis E. Harris, Harris Laboratories

2014 Preston Millar Award Winners
Allison Mackenzie, Babcock Laboratories (Environmental Sciences)
Bruce Godfrey, Curtis & Tompkins Labs (Environmental Sciences)
Joe Konschnik, Restek Corporation (Food Sciences)
Dan Cannon, National Technical Systems (NTS) (Conformity Assessment)
Steve Bowser, Bowser-Morner, Inc. (Construction, Materials, Engineering & Testing)


2013 Preston Millar Award Winners

David Friedman, Friedman Consulting (Environmental Sciences)
Joe Konschnik, Restek Corporation (Environmental Sciences)
Joe Weitzel, Agilent Technologies (Environmental Sciences)
Martin Mitchell, Certified Laboratories, Inc. (Food Sciences)
Raymond Klouda, Elite Electronic Engineering (Conformity Assessment)
Scott McCassland, Atlantic Testing Laboratories (Construction, Materials, Engineering & Testing)


2012 Preston Millar Award Winners
Jennifer Boger, UL LLC (Conformity Assessment)
Ignado Cundin, UL LLC (Conformity Assessment)
T. Khoi Do, UL LLC (Conformity Assessment)
Derek Greenauer, UL LLC (Conformity Assessment)
Abel Torres, UL LLC (Conformity Assessment)
Ann Weeks, UL LLC (Conformity Assessment)
Don Heirman, Don HEIRMAN Consultants, LLC (Conformity Assessment)
Raymond Klouda, Elite Electronic Engineering (Conformity Assessment)
James Kuhn, Atlantic Testing Laboratories (Construction Materials, Engineering and Testing)
Cabot Earle Jr., Microbac Laboratories, Inc. (Environmental Sciences)
Bruce Godfrey, Curtis & Tompkins (Environmental Sciences)
Allison Mackenzie, Edward S. Babcock & Sons, Inc. (Environmental Sciences)
Judith Morgan, Environmental Science Corportation (Enviornmental Sciences)
Martin Mitchell, Certified Laboratories, Inc. (Food Sciences)


2011 Preston Millar Award Winners
John Bode, John Bode LLC (Food Sciences)
Steve Elliott, Materials Testing Consultants (Construction Materials Engineering & Testing)
Don Heirman, Don Heirman Consultants, LLC (Conformity Assessment)
David Speis, Accutest Laboratories (Environmental Sciences)