About ACIL
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ACIL is the trade association representing independent, commercial scientific and testing laboratories.
Its members are professional services firms engaged in testing, product certification, consulting,
and research and development. Affiliated membership is available to manufacturer’s laboratories,
consultants, and suppliers to the industry.

The association was founded in 1937 as the American Council of Commercial Laboratories.  It was later incorporated in the State of New York as the American Council of Independent Laboratories.

ACIL defines independent scientific and engineering services firms as commercial entities engaged in analysis, testing, inspection, materials engineering, sampling, product certification, research and development and related consulting services for the public.  They are not affiliated with any institution, company, or trade group that might affect their ability to conduct investigations, render reports, or give professional, objective, and unbiased counsel. 


To be recognized as the leader advancing the interests of the testing industry.

To Enhance Members’ Success by:
  • Providing advocacy, education, service and mutual support.
  • Promoting quality, ethics, independence, objectivity, and free enterprise.


Core Values*
Ethical, Objective and Quality Business Practices
ACIL members are guardians of a trust: to serve clients in an unbiased and independent manner, with honesty and competence.  To this end, we actively support accreditation, training and other programs that advance high-quality services.
Spirit of Community and Sharing
Within ACIL, competitors work together to solve common problems. By sharing ideas and helping one another meet business challenges, members develop working relationships and forge friendships.
Growth of Individuals and Their Businesses
ACIL is dedicated to the success and growth of its member companies and their staffs.  We offer means for members to improve operations, refine business and management skills, and grow as leaders.
Advocacy for Our Industry
ACIL is committed to promoting and protecting the interests of independent scientific, engineering and testing firms. Our goal is a business environment where independence is valued and competition is fair.
*A core value is a common belief held by the membership, which determines who we are and where we want to go and which is part of every decision.
Strategic Plan

ACIL Bylaws

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ACIL and ILI Disclaimer

The American Council of Independent Laboratories and Independent Laboratories Institute assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any person for any loss or damage by errors or omissions in the material contained herein regardless of whether such errors result from negligence, accident or any other cause whatsoever.