Teledyne Leeman Labs
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Teledyne Leeman Labs      

6 Wentworth Drive

Hudson, NH 03051 USA

Tel: 603-886-8400

Fax:  603-886-9141


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Description:  Leading the Industry in Atomic Spectroscopy


Teledyne Leeman Labs is a leading innovator of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis.  Laboratories in industries ranging from environmental science, oil and gas, food agriculture, earth sciences, clinical chemistry, and industrial materials rely on our instruments for their exceptional accuracy, reliability, and durability.  Our analytical instruments play a vital role in protecting the environment, maintaining the integrity of our food and water supply, and ensuring the safe operation of our factories.


Teledyne Leeman Labs is best known for its first use of the echelle spectrometer for ICP-OES, and for its innovations in stand-alone mercury analysis equipment.  In the area of Hg analysis, we pioneered groundbreaking ways to automate both sample preparation and testing, enabling the chemist to get more done in less time.


Our spectrum of analytical instrument today include: 


¯        Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers (ICP-OES) both photomultiplier based (PMT) and array detector based


¯        Mercury Analyzers (including both CVAA and CVAF)


¯        A Series of Zeeman-Corrected Atomic Absorption Spectrometers


¯        Standards and Reagents required for calibration of these instruments


Division:           Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry