Alliance Technologies, LLC
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Laboratory Name     Alliance Technologies, LLC           

Address                     1 Deer Park Drive, Suite D

City: State:  & Zip    Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

Tel:                              (732) 355-1234

Fax:                            (732) 438-8265


Web site:         



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Alliance Technologies is an independent, minority-owned contract analytical laboratory that specializes in solving challenging chemical and materials testing problems.

Having the experience of over 35 years as a corporate analytical technology group for a Fortune 500 company, Alliance Technologies has both the breath of analytical instrumentation and technical expertise to provide chemical testing, corrosion testing, reverse engineering or deformulation services, failure analysis, bench-scale testing, litigation support, expert testimony, and materials characterization. 


Analytical Services:  SEM, EDX, optical microscopy, particle size, FTIR, Raman, UV/vis, XRF, XRD, high temp. XRD, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FL-AAS, GF-AAS, GC, GCMS, GPC, IC, HPLC, CE, electrochemistry;


Industries Served:  Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Catalysis, Legal.


Product Expertise:  polymers, phosphates, detergents, lithium compounds, oxidants, soda ash, bicarbonate, agricultural, personal care.


Services:  chemical analysis, method development, technical support, product and process development, reverse engineering, application development, bench-scale studies, IP support.


Process Analytics:  sensors, on-line/at-line analysis, model development, statistical data analysis.


Training and Consulting-design of experiment.


Division:  Construction Material Engineering and Testing

    Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry


Testing Services:


- Chromatography (GC, GCMS, GPC, IC, HPLC, CE),

- Spectroscopy (FTIR, NIR, UV, Raman),

- Trace Element Analysis (ICP, ICP-MS, GFAAS, AAS, Electrochemistry),

- Microscopy (SEM, EDX, Polarized Light),

- Non-destructive x-ray testing (XRD, XRF),

- Physical Characterization (surface area, particle sizing, flash point),

- Wet chemical methods. 


Specific Tests Conducted:


- chemical and materials analysis,

- polymers / plastics,

- deformulation,

- failure analysis,

- corrosion testing,

- patent protection,

- test method development