Pace Analytical Services, Inc.
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Laboratory Name: Pace Analytical Services, Inc.

Address: 1700 Elm Street

City: State:  & Zip: Minneapolis, MN 55414

Tel: 612-607-6355

Fax: 612-607-6444

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                    Construction Material Engineering and Testing

                    Conformity Assessment

                    Environmental Sciences

                    Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry



Testing Services:


The Pace Analytical offers extensive capacity for organic and inorganic analysis as well as a broad range of specialty services, which allow us to meet the environmental analytical needs of our clients. Pace Analytical provides services through an integrated system of modern, fully equipped laboratories that can analyze a variety of sample matrices ranging from air and water, to hazardous wastes. We are a privately held, full service sampling and analytical services firm operating a network of 12 laboratories and 9 service centers nationwide. All of our full-service laboratories are NELAC accredited. Our laboratories utilize U.S. EPA, ASTM Standard Methods, NIOSH, and other accepted test procedures and methods, in accordance with federal and state regulations.


Our Field Services Division is well staffed and fully equipped to meet the sampling needs of your most challenging environmental projects. Field Services are provided by a staff of full-time, environmental professionals and technicians with years of experience sampling air, water, soil, and other matrices using a variety of EPA and proprietary methods. Our staff includes degreed chemists, environmental scientists, and experienced technicians who are trained to safely and accurately collect and analyze representative field samples. Pace Analytical has a fleet of specially equipped vehicles to access areas where sample collection can present difficult or unusual problems. Field Services offerings include: Groundwater Monitoring; Wastewater Monitoring; Hazardous Waste Monitoring; and Flow Monitoring, Soil and Gas Sampling, and Air Emission Sampling. In addition to providing the field-testing services we routinely assist clients by setting up routine sampling and reporting schedules for required permit monitoring.


Our LabOps Division provides chemical and microbiological analytical testing services to support manufacturing, raw material evaluations, process validations and product development or product release. This group also provides professional staffing support, instrument sales, and maintenance and repair services.


Specific Tests Conducted:

Air Emission (Stack) Sampling & Monitoring (EPA 1 thru 308, Solid Waste & NCASI Methods)

Air Toxics Analysis (TO –3 thru TO-17)

BioAssay (Acute & Chronic Toxicity)

Biological Tissue Analysis

Dioxin and Furans (EPA 8280, 8290, 613 & 1613)

Dissolved Gases (Natural Attenuation Parameters)

Drinking Water Analysis (EPA 100 thru 500 Method Series)

Explosives (EPA 8330/8332)

Flame Retardants (PBDEs EPA 1614)

Gas Phase FTIR (Air/Process Emissions, EPA 318, 320, 321 & NIOSH 3800)

Groundwater Sampling & Monitoring

Inorganic Analysis (EPA & Standard Methods)

Methamphetamine & Ephedrine (LC/MS)

Microbiological Services (Bacterial & Mold)

Mercury (Low Level, 1631E)

Metals & Minerals (ICP/MS & ICP/AES)

Mobile Laboratory

Organic Compounds (VOCs & SVOCs)

Perchlorates (IC & LC/MS)

PCB Congeners (1668A)

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Wastewater (1666, 1667 1671)

Radiochemistry Analysis (900 Method Series)

Wastewater Sampling & Monitoring


Product Testing (Medical Device, Pharmaceutical & Personal Health Care Products)

          Includes: Material Evaluations, Process Validation, Product Development & Release

                    (AAMI, FDA, ISO, USP Test Methods)


Product Testing (Drinking Water Treatment Units & Materials)

          Includes: Product Challenge, Material Testing and Physical Analysis)

                    (ANSI/NSF, ASTM & Japanese Standard Methods)


Material Testing (Adhesives, Building Materials, Electronics, Packaging, Polymers)

          Includes: Chemical Analysis and Microbiological Services

                    (ASTM, IDEMA, Mil STD, USP, FCC, FDA Test Methods)