M. J. Reider Associates, Inc.
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Laboratory Name:                M. J. Reider Associates, Inc.     

Address:                                107 Angelica Street  

City: State:  & Zip:                Reading, PA

Tel:                                          610-374-5129

Fax:                                         610-374-7234

Email:                                      Bcoyle@mjreider.com   

Web site:                                 www.mjreider.com



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Division:                       Environmental Sciences

                                      Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry



Testing Services:

Full Service Environmental Testing and Collection Services

NELAC Accredited

State Accredited

Microbiology, GC/MS, ICPMS, ICP, HPLC,


Specific Tests Conducted:

Coliform, Crytosporidium, Fecal Coliform, Volatiles, Semi Volatiles, Herbicides, Pesticides, TCLP, Form U, Form 43, Metals, Drinking Water, Waste Water, Solid Waste, SOC’s, UCMR, Perchlorate,