System Engineering and Laboratories (SEAL)
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Laboratory Name:            System Engineering and Laboratories (SEAL)

Address:                            12785 Hwy 64 East            

City: State:  & Zip:           Tyler, TX 75707

Tel:                                      800-624-0905

Fax:                                    903-566-4504                  


Web site:                  

Description:  Product testing, mechanical engineering, failure analysis, finite element analysis, FEA, non-destructive testing, safety code compliance, tolerance confirmation


Division:             Environmental Sciences

                            Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry



Testing Services:  Testing to ASTM, and ANSI standards. Testing including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), metallurgy, and failure analysis. Custom testing for product development.



Specific Tests Conducted: Tolerance, sound level, LEL, O2, CO2, CO, H2S, life expectancy, tolerance confirmation, weight, strain, tension, force, pressure, and acceleration.