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Laboratory Name:                           AmericanTCB

Address:                                            6731 Whittier Avenue, Suite C110

City: State:                                        McLean, VA 22101

Tel:                                                      703 847-4700

Fax:                                                    703 847-6888

Web site:                                 



Description:  AmericanTCB provides Conformity Assessment services, FCC Certification, Industry Canada approvals, Notified Body assessments.


Division:            Conformity Assessment


Testing Services:


Radio Frequency measurements.



Specific Tests Conducted:


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Wireless Measurements


FCC Part 15: Computing Devices, Cordless Telephones, Satellite Receivers, TV Interface Devices, Receivers, and Low Power Transmitters

FCC Part 18: Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment i.e. Microwave, and RF Lighting Ballast(ISM)

FCC Part 22: Cellular Telephones

FCC Part 24: Personal Communications Systems

FCC Part 80: Marine Radio Transmitters

FCC Part 90: Private Land Mobile Radio Services Includes Paging Devices and Mobile Radio Transmitters

RF exposure: ANSI/IEEE C95.1

Bellcore GR-1089: EMC and Electrical Safety

ICES-001 ISM Equipment

ICES-003: Digital Apparatus

RSS Series: Transmitters & Receivers


Europe (Emissions) 

EN55011: ISM Equipment

EN55013: Broadcast Receivers

EN55014: Household Appliances

EN55015: Luminaires

EN55022: Information Technology Equipment

EN60555/EN61000-3: Power Line Disturbances

EN61000-4: Basic Immunity (All Parts)

EN55104: Household Appliances

EN60601-1-2: Medical

EN55020: Broadcast Receivers

EN55024: ITE

EN61326-1: Laboratory/Measurement Equipment

EN6100-6-2: Generic, Heavy

EN55024: Information Technology Equipment

ETS/EN 300 Series

Radio and EMC Matters for Radio and Telecommunications Equipment



MIL STD 461/462: Electromagnetic Compatibility

MIL STD 285: Shielding Effectiveness



VCCI: Information Technology Equipment



BSMI: Taiwanese Emissions


Product Safety


EN/UL60950-1: Information Technology Equipment

EN/UL61010-1: Industrial Process/Laboratory Equipment

EN60204-1: Machinery

IEC/EN60335: Electrical Equipment

EN/IEC/UL60065: Audio/Video Equipment

EN/IEC/UL60601-1 : Medical Equipment