Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc.
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Laboratory Name             Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc.

Address                              7259 Lansdowne Ave., Suite 200

City: State:  & Zip             St. Louis, MO  63119-3421 

Tel:                                      314-645-2177 x 100

Fax:                                     314-645-2544

Email:                                  bhemming@microbeinotech.com

Web site:                            www.microbeinotech.com



Division:             Environmental Sciences

     Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry


Testing Services: Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. is a specialized, microbial analysis laboratory, expert at isolation, population density determinations and identification of microorganisms in medical, environmental, food, dairy and pharmaceutical and other manufactured products.  We provide quality and objective microbiological and specialized biochemical analytical services to a worldwide client base within these industries.  We also provide consulting in regulatory affairs dealing with microbiological issues.  Firms use our rapid bacterial identification, kinetic, endpoint and MPN assays to significantly reduce cost and time in biological testing in environmental impact, environmental bioremediation, forensic, product performance and safety issues. We also provide contract R&D microbiological services.


Specific Tests Conducted:

Environmental Pathogen screens

Food Pathogen screens

Bacterial Identification by Biolog, GCFAME, 16S rRNA Sequence Analysis or RiboPrint Analysis

Fungal Identification by Biolog, GCFAME, 28S rRNA Sequence Analysis or qPCR

Biofeasibility and Biotreatability Assays

Microbial Hydrocarbon Degradation Analyses

Biocide efficacy tests, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Determinations

Air, Water and Surface Sampling

Enzyme analysis and Protein Determinations

DNA, RNA and Protein analyses including “Lab on a Chip” methods.

ASTM methods:  D5246, E1054, E600, E1427, E1196, D5259, D4412, D932, D2667, D4455