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4001 Lexington Ave. N.
Arden Hills, MN 55126

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Valid to: July 31, 2007                                                            Certificate Number: 1765.02


In recognition of the successful completion of the A2LA evaluation process (including an assessment of the laboratory's compliance with the A2LA Food Testing Program Requirements, containing the "AOAC International Accreditation Criteria for Laboratories Performing Food Microbiological and Chemical Analyses in Foods, Feeds and Pharmaceutical Testing"), accreditation is granted to this laboratory to perform the following tests on food and dairy products:


05-4-WC022 05-4-RC019 05-4-WC025 05-4-IA017 05-4-RC031 05-4-RC023 05-4-IA014 05-4-WC018 05-4-RC004 05-4-RC042 05-4-RC005 05-4-RC003 05-4-WC026 05-4-IA013 05-4-RC033 05-4-RC022 05-4-IA052 05-4-WC003 05-4-RC036 05-4-RC015 05-4-RC010 05-4-RC044 05-4-WC004 05-4-WC012 05-4-WC013 05-4-IA006 05-4-IA047



Acid Degree Value (ADV) Acidity, Titratable

Amino Nitrogen

Antioxidants in Oil, Fats and Butter Oil (Phenolic), HPLC

Ash, Alkalinity

Ash, Gravimetric and Acid Insoluble

Cholesterol in Food Products

Citric Acid, Enzymatic Color

Color; Hunter L.a.b. Density, Poured Bulk Dispersibility, Moats-Dabbah

Dropping Point

Ethanol in Food Products Fat, Soxhlet Extraction

Fat, Total Fat by Ether Extraction with Acid or Base Hydrolysis Fatty Acid Composition in Food

Fiber, Total Dietary, Insoluble, Soluble

Filth in Butter/Margarine and Dairy Powders

Filth in Soft and Semi-Soft Cheese

Flavor and Odor

Foreign Matter Evaluation Free Fatty Acid

Galactose, Enzymatic (D) Glucose, Enzymatic (D) Heavy Metals

IgG, Total Bovine, Radial Immunodiffusion (RID)


05-4-WC005 05-4-RC021 05-4-WC014 05-4-WC015 05-4-IA001

05-4-RC024 05-4-RC029 05-4-IA057 05-4-RC013 05-4-RC026 05-4-RC017 05-4-AD006 05-4-IA015 05-4-RC006 05-4-RC007 05-4-IA028 05-4-WC007 05-4-IA021 05-4-RC028 05-4-IA002 04-4-003 05-4-RC001 05-4-IA048 05-4-RC014 05-4-RC050 05-4-IA034 05-4-IA005 05-4-RC032 05-4-IA056 05-4-WC009 05-04-RC024 05-4-RC043 05-4-RC040 05-4-RC008 05-4-IA012 05-4-RC048 05-4-IA053 05-4-IA024 05-4-WC027 05-4-IA033 05-4-IA025 05-4-IA050 05-4-IA016 05-4-WC011 05-4-IA051 05-4-RC030



Iodine Value

Kohman: Fat, Moisture, Salt and Curd in Butter and Margarine

Lactic Acid, Enzymatic (D and L) Lactose, Enzymatic

Minerals, AA

Moisture and Solids by Vacuum or Forced Air

Moisture, Karl Fischer, Volumetric Method

Natamycin in Cheese by HPLC Nitrogen, Non Protein (NPN)

Nitrogen, Undenatured Whey Protein (Spectrophotometric)

Nitrogen, Undenatured Whey Protein in Powders and Liquids (WPN) Nutrition Labeling and Regulatory Services

Organic Acids, HPLC

Particle Size, Alpine Air Jet Sieve

Particle Size, Ro-tap Sieve Shaker Method PCBs in Turkey Fat, USDA

Peroxide Value

Pesticides, Chlorinated in Turkey Fat, USDA

pH Determination


Projects and Shelf Life Studies Protein Dispersibility Index (PDI) Protein Profile in Dairy Products, HPLC Protein, Kjeldahl

Protein, Precipitable at pH 4.6 (Casein) Riboflavin, HPLC

Salt, Volhard

Scorched Particle

Scoville Heat Units by HPLC Solid Fat Index

Solids and Moisture by Vacuum or Forced Air Oven

Solids, Refractive Index and Brix Solids, Suspended or Filterable Solubility Index

Sorbic and Benzoic Acids, HPLC Specific Gravity

Sugar Profile, HPLC

Sulfonamide Residue, TLC, USDA

TBA Value (2-thiobarbituric acid) in Fats and Oils

Thiamine, HPLC

Vitamin A (â-carotene), HPLC Vitamin A (Retinol) in Foods, HPLC Vitamin C, HPLC

Vitamin C, Titration

Vitamine E (á-Tocopherol) in Foods, HPLC

Water Activity

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