H2M Labs, Inc.
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Laboratory Name              H2M Labs, Inc.

Address                              575 Broad Hollow Road

City: State:  & Zip             Melville, New York 11747

Tel:                                       (631) 694-3040

Fax:                                     (631) 420-8436

Email:                                  Slavin@h2m.com

Web site:                            www.h2mlabs.com





H2M Labs, Inc. is one of the finest commercial environmental laboratories in the United States, and the premier lab of the Northeast.  H2M has nearly five decades of successful operation and an outlook firmly focused on today's realities and tomorrow's needs.

H2M is National Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (NELAP) accredited, with primacy in New York State.  H2M was one of the first laboratories in New York to undergo the stringent NELAP audit procedure, and be awarded certification.

H2M is also the recipient of the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) Seal of Excellence for the fourth consecutive year, having consistently met the standards for approval and has an excellent reputation for distinguished service and quality.

H2M is multi-state approved and certified to perform analyses in bacteriology; wet and automated chemistry; gas and liquid chromatography; ICP/MS, atomic absorption and ICP spectrophotometry; and GC/mass spectrometry.   

Meeting the highest standards of quality, compliance, ethics and customer service - agencies, engineering firms, and industry turn to H2M for accurate data.  When they need legally defensible analytical results, validation of data packages from other laboratories, specialized analyses, sampling programs, data interpretation and consultation services, or any other environmental analytical need, H2M is their lab of choice.  Clients include utilities, consulting and engineering firms, municipal potable and sewer districts, other US and international laboratories, industry, manufacturers, homeowners, and others.



Division:         Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry



Testing Services:

H2M is certified for over 1,300 different methods/analytes in New York State alone.   Services include Bacteriology, Organic/Inorganic, pesticides/herbicides analysis of sewage, sludge, hazardous waste, leachate, potable water, air analysis, laboratory data  validation, and special studies.  H2M provides water supply monitoring and analysis for public water supply districts of varying sizes, as well as non-community systems to assure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.  H2M also serves industry with a variety of wastewater testing in conjunction with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), for New York (SPDES) and New Jersey (NJPDES) permits, and monitors the performance of municipal wastewater treatment plants via effluent analysis.

H2M routinely analyzes samples using DEC Analytical Service Protocol (ASP) Contract Laboratory Services (CLP) methodology, and those requiring full USEPA CLP documentation and quality control procedures.  Some of the special projects include:

§            Analysis for engineering firms under DEC Standby Contracts

§            Phase II and RI/FS site assessment laboratory analysis

§            Manufactured gas plant analytical studies for major energy suppliers

§            Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR) analytical studies for major
water suppliers under the List 1 EPA regulations

§            Underground storage tank /oil spill analysis

§            Landfill monitoring and sampling of soil, air, groundwater, surface water
and waste matrices for major landfills

§            Water corrosion study and SAS projects for the USEPA

§            Analysis of dredged materials along the Hudson River

§            Low level OLC analysis for installation of new monitoring wells

§            Potable water analyses for firms specializing in providing quality drinking water




Specific Tests Conducted:


Summa canister analysis

Full TCLP analysis

Part 360 analysis



Classical Chemistry



Volatile Organics

Semi-Volatile Organics