UL Drinking Water Laboratory
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Laboratory Name:               UL Drinking Water Laboratory

Address:                                110 South Hill Street

City: State:  & Zip:               South Bend, IN  46617

Tel:                                         800-332-4345

Fax:                                       574-233-8207

Email:                                    dennis.j.leeke@us.ul.com

Web site:                              www.ul.com/water



Description:  Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is a 100+ year-old not-for-profit organization dedicated to public safety.  The UL Drinking Water Laboratory, founded in 1986 as Environmental Health Laboratories, fulfills the mission of “Working for Safe and Healthy Water” by providing high quality testing services on drinking and other clean water samples for public water utilities, environmental and engineering consultants, industrial, residential, and governmental clients.  In the first twenty years the laboratory has been serving our customers, the staff in South Bend analyzed approximately one and a half million samples for thousands of public water supplies of all sizes throughout the United States.   The laboratory holds drinking water accreditations from the EPA, forty-eight States, and Puerto Rico. 


Division:    Environmental Sciences



Testing Services:  The UL Drinking Water Laboratory specializes in trace level analysis of drinking water and other clean water samples for SDWA compliance as well as pilot plant studies and source water protection.  We offer a broad range of services including microbiological, inorganic contaminants (IOCs: general chemistry and heavy metals), (SOCs: volatile and semi-volatile contaminants), dioxins, radionuclides, disinfection byproducts (DBPs), and special analytical services such as PPCPs and Taste and Odor.  In addition to established methods, the UL Drinking Water Laboratory research and development team can provide custom analytical services utilizing the latest technologies such as LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS.


Specific Tests Conducted:


Schedule of services is located on www.ul.com/water


120.1  Conductivity

140.1  Odor

150.1  pH

160.1  Solids, Dissolved

160.2  Solids, Suspended

160.3  Solids, Total

180.1  Turbidity

200.7  ICP-AES Metals Scan

2120 B Color (Apparent & True)

2320 B Alkalinity

2330 B Corrosivity (Langlier Index)

2340 B Hardness

245.1  Mercury

2510 B Conductivity

2540 C Solids, Dissolved

2540 D Solids, Suspended

300.0  Bromide, Chlorate, Chlorite, Fluoride, Chloride, Nitrate, Sulfate

300.1  Bromate

314.0  Perchlorate

317.0  Bromate, Trace Analysis

331.0  Perchlorate

335.4  Cyanide, Total

353.2  Nitrogen, Nitrate

353.2  Nitrogen, Nitrate-Nitrite

353.2  Nitrogen, Nitrite

380-75WE      Fluoride

4500-Cl F      Chloramines

4500-Cl G      Chlorine, Residual

4500-ClO2 D   Chlorine Dioxide, Residual

4500-CO2 B   Carbon Dioxide

4500-H+        pH

4500-NH3 D   Nitrogen, Ammonia

4500-O G       Oxygen, Dissolved

4500-P E       Phosphate, Ortho

4500-P E       Phosphorus, Total

4500-S2 D     Sulfide, Total

Federal Register        SUVA - Specific Ultraviolet Absorbance

5710   Formation Potential

5910 B UV absorbance at 254 nm


504.1  EDB/DBCP

505     PCB/Toxaphene/Chlordane

515.3  Chlorinated Acids

5220 D COD

524.2  Volatiles

524.2  Trihalomethanes

525.2  SOCs

521     Nitrosamines

526     SOCs

527     Flame Retardants

528     Phenols

529     Explosives

531.1  Carbamates

535     Degredates

5310 C Organic Carbon

547     Glyphosate/AMPA

548.1  Endothall

549.2  Diquat/Paraquat

551.1  Haloacetonitriles/THMs

552.2  Haloacetic Acids

556     Aldehydes

1613   Dioxin



7110 B Gross Alpha & Beta

7110 C Gross Alpha

7120 B Gamma Spectral Analysis

7500-Ra B      Radium-226

7500-Ra D     Radium-228

7500-Rn B      Radon-222

906.0  Tritium

NJAC 7 Rapid 48 Hour Gross Alpha


1623   Giardia/Cryptosporidium

9213 D Eschericia Coli (MF)

9215 B Heterotrophic Plate Count (Pour Plate)

9217 B Assimilable Organic Carbon (AOC)

9222 B Total Coliform (MF)

9223 B Total Coliform (P/A - Colisure)

9250 B Actinomycetes

SimPlate        Heterotrophic Plate Count (MPN)

SRB-BART      Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria

IRB-BART       Iron-Related Bacteria


625              ANSI 60/61 Base Neutral/Acid Compounds

Custom                   Phenolic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Custom                   Estrogens and Other Hormones

Custom                   Turfgrass Pesticides - LC/MS

Custom                   Ethephon

Custom                   Broad Spectrum Metals - ICP-MS

Custom                   Perfluorosurfactants

Custom                   Turfgrass SOCs - GC/MS

Custom                   Taste and Odor Compounds