2013 Policies & Practices Confernce
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2013 Policies & Practices (P2) Conference Final Program

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Section Meetings - March 20th

Third-Party Programs to Assess Regulatory Compliance - David Pritzker, Deputy General Counsel of the Administrative Conference of the US (ACUS)

Recommendations of the Administrative Conference of the United States

Report to the Administrative Conference of the United States

Conformity Assessment

NIST MRA Update - Ramona Saar, NIST Program Manager

WTO TBT Agreement & New Opportunities for Russia-US Trade - Bryan O'Byrne and Joe Wereszynski, US Department of Commerce (DOC)

Single NRTL Mark - Cynthia Esher, Measurement, Control and Automation Association (MCAA)

EPA Energy Star - Eamon Monahan, EPA Program Analyst

FCC EMC Requirements - George Tannahill, FCC

Environmental Sciences

EPA Activities - Kim Kirkland, EPA

Food Sciences

Clarification of Pesticide Residues in Food Rule - Cheri Courtney, USDA Director of NOP Accreditation and International Activities Division

Construction Materials Engineering and Testing

FAA Regulatory Update - Greg Cline, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Sector-Specific Recognition Initiatives for US Laboratory ABs - Bob Uttenweiler, National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation (NACLA) 

Business Practices Sessions - March 21st

Marketing & Branding; Decoding and Leveraging Your Audience's Real Pain Points - Bob London, London Ink, LLC

Running Effective Meetings - Jamie Hasty, SESCO Management Consultants

Running Effective Meetings Participant Manual

Implications of Healthcare Reform Act - Alex Adler, HGA Financial LLC and Nicole Porter, SBA Washington Metropolitan Area district Office