Smart Grid
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The special logo above identifies ACIL as a founding member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), allowing ACIL to vote on SGIP matters and thus impact the future of the Smart Grid on behalf of independent testing laboratories. Active on Smart Grid committees, ACIL also gives testing laboratories the visibility needed to fully participate in support of the Interoperability Testing and Certification Authorities (ITCAs) certification programs, generating new business opportunities for members.

The ITCAs require testing for interoperability, which involves bi-directional Smart Grid communications as well as the status and control of power delivery and use. To qualify to provide this testing, laboratories must be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and have the ITCA-required tests in their scope of accreditation.

To find the ITCAs on the SGIP Program List and learn about the requirements to become an ITCA, click here. Scroll down to click on the “Application for Inclusion in the ITCA Program List.” This shows the application and the items that the ITCA has to identify, including the 17025-accredited laboratories to be used to meet their testing needs.

ACIL members looking to learn more about Smart Grid activities and engage in this new business opportunity can participate in ACIL’s Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF), part of the Conformity Assessment Section. The SGTF provides input to various Smart Grid committees and working groups, recommending SGIP use of existing industry conformity assessment and laboratory practices, leading to low barriers of entry and a level playing field for testing laboratories. For more information or to join, contact Don Heirman, chair pro tem of ACIL’s Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF).