Construction materials and engineering testing industries can join ACIL for Education and information exchange, advocacy, networking, and laboratory support services.
Construction Materials Engineering & Testing Section Value Proposition
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ACIL Value Proposition

Advocacy – The Voice For Independent Testing

Education & Information Exchange – Best Laboratory Practices

Networking – Creating Business Relationships for Growth

Laboratory Support Services – Providing Fee-for-Service Value

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Ongoing Advocacy

  • Long standing relationships with Federal agencies affecting CMET laboratories, including DOT (FHWA), FAA, AASHTO re:source and the US Army Corp of Engineers (COE)
  • Active state-level lobbying program, most recently addressing perceived conflicts of interest prohibiting testing during both design and construction in Michigan
  • An MOU with NACLA providing confidence to the FHWA that NACLA-recognized accreditation bodies are competent to accredit CMET laboratories
  • A Memorandum of Understanding with NACLA providing confidence to the FHWA that NACLA-recognized accreditation bodies are competent to accredit CMET laboratories
  • Working with NETTCP through ILI to expand a Soils and Aggregate Inspector Certification program into Ohio and other states

“The opportunity to interact with multiple agencies that impact my business is invaluable.”
— James Kuhn, P.E.
Atlantic Testing Laboratories

Education & Information Exchange

Policies and Practices (P2) Conference

Specific issues addressed include:
  • NETTCP / ILI Soils and Aggregate Personnel Certification Program
  • Expanding the relationship with the US Army Corps of Engineers
  • FHWA – Benefits of NACLA Recognition
  • Annual presentations and discussions with key agencies including FAA, FHWA, AASHTO

Annual Meeting

CEO-level leadership and other business education including:

  • Personnel certification expansion
  • Upcoming changes/input into AASHTO re:source R-18 and FAA AC-150
  • Training sessions on marketing, customer relations, and government policy
  • Leadership development, business management and human resource sessions

Monthly Webinar Series

Education and training in business practices open to all member company employees, which includes timely topics such as human resources, financial management and technology solutions for laboratories.

ACIL Newsletter

A synopsis of timely and critical information for the independent laboratory industry, highlighting ACIL’s effort to protect and grow the market and educate regulators and consumers as to the value of independent testing.

“We religiously attend both the P2 meeting in April and the Annual Meeting in October. The quality of the speakers and the information we gather from these meetings is incredible. As an owner of an independent testing lab, I don’t know anywhere else I can receive this kind of education that aids me in growing my business.”
— Gregory Schmidt
President & CEO
GeoTest, Inc.


ACIL provides several opportunities each year to network with peers, agency stakeholders, customers and industry experts resulting in long-term business relationships that provide direct benefits to member companies. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Annual Meeting – Traditionally in October
  • P2 Conference – Traditionally in mid-spring
  • Section Meetings – Professionally facilitated monthly conference calls and meetings with peers from construction materials and engineering testing laboratories

“As members of ACIL we are able to network with vendors related to our industry. One of the vendors provides CMET Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) software and after a thorough evaluation we felt that this software and provider was a good fit as a business partner. This software will allow us to provide better management of our field, laboratory, and equipment calibration schedules; data reporting and turn-around time; assistance with automated billing; and organization of personnel training, evaluation, and certification. We look forward to implementing this software across all ten of our CMET divisions. We may not have had this opportunity without capitalizing on the networking advantage ACIL provide.”
— Scott M. McCasland
Vice President-Quality
Atlantic Testing Laboratories

“There is no easier way to access leaders of the independent testing laboratory community than participating in ACIL. As president of a construction materials engineering and testing company, as well as former Chairman of ACIL, I appreciate every opportunity to meet with other testing laboratory owners, manufacturers, and suppliers. We are all part of the same industry and together we can create new technologies, new opportunities and increase profitability.”
— Steven Bowser
Bowser-Morner, Inc.

Laboratory Support Services (Fee-for-Service Value)

  • Professional liability & general liability insurance program
  • Complimentary human resources consulting
  • Laboratory referral service, generating leads for new business
  • Seal of Excellence, providing a framework to improve customer service
  • Independence Mark, the only program certifying independent laboratories to a set of ACIL-established independence criteria

“We have utilized the services of SESCO since their affiliation with ACIL. We see them as a significant benefit and offer the ability to consult on a wide variety of HR issues and policy matters, saving the expense in many cases of having to rely on outside consultants.”
— Steven M. Elliott, P.E.
Materials Testing Consultants, Inc.