Conformity Assessment Section Value Proposition
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ACIL Membership Core Values

Advocacy – Growing the Market for Laboratory Services
Education & Information Exchange – Best Laboratory Practices
Networking – Creating Business Relationships for Growth
Laboratory Support Services – Providing Fee-for-Service Value  
Ongoing Advocacy
  • Promote views of the Lab community in areas of growth and protection of interests both nationally and internationally
  • Maintain long-standing relationships with Federal agencies, including NIST, FCC, CPSC and OSHA, which directly impact conformity assessment testing; organize forums to provide opportunities for direct access and feedback to these agencies
  • Respond to regulatory rule changes affecting accreditation and compliance to standards, such as drafting official industry response to the FCC NPRM to mandate ANSI C63.4:2009 while providing guidance to accept ANSI C63.4:2014 as a better alternative
  • Educate new regulators on drafting of new regulations and proper use of accreditation to insure quality testing and avoid unnecessary duplication of accreditation schemes therefore providing laboratories with new market opportunities, using existing credentials and creating a level playing field for all involved
  • Promote and ensure certification body acceptance of test data in global product acceptance schemes
  • Maintain a dedicated staff support to handle third-party certification interests
  • Provide access to leading expert/authority on EMC standards and regulations
  • Active in Industry Forums - Founding and active member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, and key stakeholder in resolving standards coordination issues including electromagnetic interoperability issues and the development of the IPRM• Report on standards development - ACIL Standards Alert Webinar with critical information on pending changes to standards affecting the laboratory business

“As an independent testing laboratory owner for 30 years and an ACIL member for almost as long, I clearly recognize that ACIL is the only national trade association that consistently and effectively represents the interests of the independent laboratory community at all levels of government. ACIL has been and continues to be the industry voice in such important areas as unfair competition, international acceptance of US generated test data and accreditation.” Walter Poggi, President, Retlif Testing Laboratories           

Education & Information Exchange

Policies and Practices (P2) Conference

Specific issues addressed include:

  • Latest pertinent information from NIST on MRAs
  • Meet with the leadership of the American council of electrical Safety (ACES)
  • NIST update on standards and conformity assessment activities
  • Updates from the CAS Third Party Certifier Working Group
  • New/revised FCC EMC requirements

Annual Meeting

CEO-level leadership and other business education including:

  • Transition planning
  • Fueling laboratory growth
  • Economic trends and forecasting 

Monthly Webinar Series

Education and training in business practices open to all member company employees, which includes timely topics such as human resources, financial management and technology solutions for laboratories

ACIL Newsletter

A synopsis of timely and critical information for the independent laboratory industry, highlighting ACIL’s effort to protect and grow the market and educate regulators and consumers as to the value of independent testing. 

“ACIL keeps me up to date with all the latest industry informaiton and the education provided at tha annual meeting has helped me to shape our business." Steve Koster, Vice-President, Washington Labs


ACIL provides several opportunities each year to network with peers, agency stakeholders, customers and industry experts resulting in long-term business relationships that provide direct benefits to member companies.  Some of these opportunities include:

  • Annual Meeting – Traditionally in October
  • P2 Conference – Traditionally in mid-Spring
  • Section Meetings – Professionally facilitated monthly conference calls and meetings with peers from environmental laboratories 

“There is no other organization that I belong to that provides incredible networking opportunities with fellow laboratory owners like ACIL offers." Raymond Klouda, President, Elite Electronics Engineering

“National Technical Systems (NTS) values our long-standing ACIL membership and the value was proven in a recent example: One of our labs needed an urgent answer to a multi-tiered EMC regulatory question from support to answer a customer inquiry with some erroneous information. As it was on a topic ACIL had recently communicated on, we were quickly able to answer the questions and correct the misinformation. It would have likely taken me or someone else hours to sort out if ACIL experts didn’t have their fingers on the pulse of this issue and hadn’t provided the valuable, timely and concise summary. Thanks!” Dan Cannon, Corporate Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, NTS

Laboratory Support Services (Fee-for-Service Value)
  • Professional liability & general liability insurance program
  • Complimentary human resources consulting
  • Laboratory referral service, generating leads for new business
  • Customer Quality Assurance Award, providing a framework to improve customer service
  • Independence Mark, the only program certifying independent laboratories to a set of ACIL-established independence criteria  

“I was able to double my insurance coverage with the same deductible for only about an 18% increase over another quote I had. I was extremely pleased with this year's rate, which was 40% less than last year for the same coverage! Numbers like that go to the bottom line. Don Sweeney, President, DLS Electronic Systems, Inc