Membership Types
ACIL offers five types of memberships, a corporate membership for independent testing laboratories, and others as described below.  Dues vary based on size and type of membership.  To join, click on the membership option shown below that best fits your company.  If you would like to see the membership dues schedules, click here. For a complete list of membership benefits, click here.

Accreditation Body

An Accreditation Body Member is an organization that provides services in accreditation and accreditation-related training and/or offers programs for the accreditation of laboratories. Membership dues are based on company revenue.
(Download Accreditation Body Application).


An Adjunct Member is a commercial manufacturer's laboratory that follows ethical business practices. More than 30% of the laboratory’s business is for the parent company rather than for the public. Membership dues are based on number of employees in the laboratory. 
(Download Adjunct Application).


An Affiliate Member is an association (state, regional, national or international) that represents organizations having common interests with ACIL. Membership dues are based on number of employees.
(Download Affiliate Application).


An Associate Member is a commercial organization that provides services or products to ACIL corporate members, but does not perform commercial scientific measurements itself. This includes those who sell lab equipment and supplies, professional consultants, attorneys, accountants and other vendors and service providers. Membership dues are based on company revenue. 
(Download Associate Application).


A Corporate Member is an independent, commercial organization whose primary focus of business is in the scientific, testing, product certifying, and/or engineering fields. More than 75% of the company’s business must be for the general public rather than for special interests having part or whole ownership in the company. Membership dues are based on company revenue.
(Download Corporate Application).

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