Independent Laboratories Institute (ILI)
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Independent Laboratories Institute

The Independent Laboratories Institute (ILI)is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), scientific educational organization established in 1992 that is multi-disciplined and member-driven. Its goal is to provide quality training for the laboratory community, more specifically:

The purpose for which the ILI is organized is to operate exclusively for educational, charitable, and research purposes, which may include, but not be limited to:

  1. Conducting a wide range of educational activities for the engineering, scientific and testing community by means of seminars, conferences, workshops and the like.
  2. Developing and distributing educational materials, such as training manuals, electronic media, and research findings to individuals and organizations interested in the engineering, scientific and testing sectors.
  3. Administering a scholarship program for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the sciences.
  4. Promoting, developing and conducting research or review in the engineering, scientific and testing fields that is responsive to the needs and concerns of laboratory owners, managers and workers.
  5. Other products and services developed to support the industry.
  6. Other services as determined by the Board of Directors that comport with the purpose of the corporation.

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Board of Directors

Joe Konschnk - Restek Corporation (Chair)

Steve Elliott - Materials Testing Consultants
Micheal Florunoy - Eurofins
Zoe Grosser - Horizon Technology
David Kennedy - Phenemonex

Recent News

Recent Workshops

Methods Issues - December 12, 2012, Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Arlington, VA

Environmental Testing Methodology


To find out more about the annual scholarship offered through the Scholarship Alliance, a division of ILI, click here.


ACIL Education Series

Future of US Health Care Panel (2012 P2 Conference, Washington, D.C.)

Hiring/Integrating the Right People for Long-Term Success Workshop, Presented by Bill Ford, SESCO (2012 P2 Conference, Washington, D. C.)

Liability and the Independent Test Laboratory, Presented by Gardner Duvall, Whiteford Taylor Preston LLC (2012 P2 Conference, Washington, D.C.)

Meeting Presentations

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