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Upcoming Webinars

8/20/2019, 1pm - DOL Issues New Salary Threshold Requirements Effective January 2020, Presented by SESCO

SESCO Management Consultants, ACIL’s retained human resource and employment law specialist for members, will provide a DOL – Wage and Hour update in light of the newly issued salary threshold requirements which will become effective January 1, 2020. SESCO will discuss the new annual and weekly salary requirements to include for the first time ever an opportunity to offset the guaranteed salary utilizing up to 10% of an incentivized, nondiscretionary bonus plan. SESCO will discuss the basic “white-collar” exemptions, provide recommendations on preparing for the new salary threshold requirement as well as a summary of the top six (6) Department of Labor – Wage and Hour violations and how to avoid significant financial liability.


9/16/2019, 11am - IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC), September 2019 Meeting - Presented by Don Heirman

This webinar will review progress of issues discussed in April meeting and most importantly presents new EMC issues since the April meeting. Both webinars are needed to understand progress in 2019.

11/6/2019, 11am - IEC International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR) - Presented by Don Heirman

This webinar will discuss the issues facing CISPR and its subcommittees.  Of particular interest are the summaries of the work of its subcommittees including the continuing interest of these topics:  wireless power transfer, radio-enabled products, radiated emission limits up to 40 GHz, etc. 


Past Webinar Information

Harassment in the Light of Me Too MovementPresented by SESCO Management Consultants


IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC)Presented by Don Heirman


IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC), April 2019 Meeting - Presented by Don Heirman


ANSI Subcommitte 3 on International Standards Comparisons - Presented by Don Heirman


2/6/2019 USNC Technical Management Committee - Presented by Don Heirman


2/8/2019 USNC Technical Management Committee- Presented by Don Heirman


ILI ACIL Boards Seed - Presented by Don Heirman


ACIL FCC 1ghz Webinar - Presented by Don Heirman

Review of the Annual IEC CISPR Meeting - Presented by Don Heirman

July 2017 Review of IEC Advisory Committee on EMC - Presented by Don Heirman

May 2017 Review of ANSI Accredited Standards Committee - Presented by Don Heirman

SmartGrid EM Interoperability Review - Presented by Don Heirman

Assessing Customer Satisfaction - Presented by Marlene Moore

Mastering Technology Competency Management - Presented by Jay Fredkin, Peter Holtmann, Dan Cannon

Government Affairs - State of the Union Since the Election - Presented by Michael Oscar

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Becoming the Best Leader of them All – Presented by Rick Parmely, Polished and Professional LLC 

2016 Employment Regulations: What Are We Required to Do? Webinar – Presented by Jamie Hasty, SESCO Management 

Trends in the Market Webinar – Presented by Ranon Kent, Houlihan Lokey, Investment Bankers 

Opportunities in the Cannabis Testing Market - Presented by Shimadzu and Waters Corporation

Assessing Customer Satisfaction - Marlene Moore, Advanced Systems, Inc.

Air Analysis - Understanding Thermal Desorption - Lee Marotta, PerkinElmer and Roberta Provost, Pace Analytical Services

Protecting your Laboratory from Cyber Attacks - Larry Mason, Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney

Assessing Customer Satisfaction - Presented by Marlene Moore, Advanced Systems, Inc.

Cost Effective and Efficient Data Handling and Reporting - Presented by Marc Tischler, Agilent Technologies

Become a Master at Public Speaking - Presented by Rick Parmely of Polished and Professional

Successful Green Laboratory Strategies - Presented by Judy Morgan of ESC Lab Sciences

Collection Strategies - Presented by Robert Andreu of Hunter Warfield 

IEC/CISPR Standards - New CISPR 32 Approach - Presented by Don Heirman

Managing Safety Data Sheets in a Digital GHS World - Presented by Julia MacGregor of Global Safety Management

Assessing Customer Satisfaction - Presented by Maelene Moore

Powerful Public Speaking for Scientists - Presented by Rick Parmely of Restek Corporation

Improving Employee Performance - Presented by Angelo Vadalis of NTS

Briefing on the Affordable Care Act - Presented by Jamie Hasty of SESCO Management

B2B Brand Strategy - Social Media - Presented by Tobias Bray

Assessing Customer Satisfaction - Presented by Marlene Moore

Mitigating Long-Term Disability Risks - Presented by LTC Financial

Information Security - CABEM Technologies

Wellness Program How To - Dick Tillmar