Code of Ethics
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Each member of the Association agrees that it is their policy to abide by the following code of ethics:

1. To cooperate in elevating and maintaining the professional status of independent scientific, engineering and testing firms and in securing recognition of the value of services rendered by them.
2. To assert competency only in work for which adequate equipment and personnel are available or adequate preparation has been made.
3. To have a clear understanding with the client as to the extent and kind of services to be rendered, especially in fields where different grades or characters of services are offered.
4. To endeavor in reports to make clear the significance and limitations of findings reported.
5. To safeguard reports as far as possible against misinterpretation or misuse, and to contend against such misinterpretation or misuse.
6. To oppose and to refrain from incompetent and fraudulent inspection, sampling, analysis, testing, consultation, development and research work.

7. To deal honestly and fairly in all business and financial matters with employees, clients and the public.