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In addition to the Board of Directors and the Executive and Nominating Committees, standing committees include: Government Relations, Programs and Future Leaders. The ACIL Chair may appoint and disband special committees as special projects and issues arise.

Committees typically function under the direction of a chair and vice chair and with the support of an ACIL staff liaison. Subcommittees or task forces may be formed to carry out specific projects in the course of the program year.

ACIL members may also represent the association by serving on outside committees for the government or related trade associations.  To view ACIL's policy on appointment to these committees, click here.

To ensure a thoughtful, deliberative process to discuss topics which arise in each of the above issue areas, the committee uses technical resources available from the sections to lead the relationship-building campaign and influence policy direction to protect and expand the independent laboratory business in the Americas.
Government Relations
This committee monitors, analyzes and acts on legislative and regulatory initiatives impacting independent testing firms, and builds alliances with other interested parties in both the public and private sectors.

Chair: Craig Marvin, Agilent Technologies
Staff: Richard Bright
Program Committee

This committee develops educational programs for the Policies & Practices (P2) Conference and Annual Meeting.

Chair: Allison Mackenzie,Edward S. Babcock & Sons, Inc.
Staff: Richard Bright

Future Leaders Committee
This committee consists of ACIL past presidents/chairs dedicated to mentoring the next generation of laboratory leaders.
Chair: John Molloy, H2M Labs, Inc.
Staff: Richard Bright