Government Relations Committee
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The ACIL Government Relations Committee (GRC) operates at a policy level, orienting itself around issues including accreditation, unfair competition, international trade and procurement, and writing position papers in support of these issues as needed.

The GRC meets quarterly in Washington, D.C. to discuss policy issues currently facing the industry, develop strategy, and monitor progress and activities. These meetings feature face time with Policy makers (regulators or legislators) to discuss issues and potential areas of cooperation.

2020 Legislative Priorities
(Approved at 2019 Annual Meeting) 

  1. Accreditation Process
  2. Farm Bill Implementation
  3. Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA)
  4. Energy Star Program
  5. Infrastructure Spending
  6. Medical Marijuana Testing – Legalization of Hemp
  7. Public / Private Partnerships
  8. Regulatory Reform  
  9. Trade Agreements
  10. Unfair Competition
Chair:  Craig Marvin, Agilent
Vice Chair: Natalia Larrimer, ANAB

Richard Bright, ACIL COO
Michael Oscar, ACIL Government Relations Director

Executive Committee:
Allison Mackenzie, Babcock Laboratories
Cary Anne Simpson, Waters
Colleen Reitz, Retlif Testing Laboratories
Joseph Konschnik, Restek Corporation
Judy Morgan, Pace Analytical Services
Michael Flournoy, Eurofins Scientific
Randy Querry, A2LA
Sarah Owen, UL
Steve Elliott, Materials Testing Consultants
Walter Poggi, Retlif Testing Laboratories

 2019 ACIL Annual Meeting GRC Legislative Update