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Member Benefits Programs


ACIL’s Laboratory Referral Service

ACIL receives hundreds of inquiries monthly from people interested in independent laboratory or testing services. ACIL’s invaluable referral service, ACIL Assist, provides members with complimentary exposure to potential clients. ACIL Assist matches callers’ needs with members’ capabilities, and all members are encouraged to update their company data with ACIL to avoid missing out on these valuable business referrals.  If current members are not receiving these inquires, please contact Beth Horan.

ACIL offers members an opportunity to become a part of the ACIL ListServe. The ACIL ListServe allows members to communicate with other members regarding outsourcing of work, selling/buying of materials, equipment, labs, etc, as well as offers a place for specific requests and questions from the professional and/or the public sector to be disseminated quickly and efficiently.

For more information on the ACIL ListServe, contact Beth Horan or call 202/887-5872, x106.

Member Marketing

ACIL publishes a quarterly newsletter, Industry Insights, which includes exciting information from our members.  As an ACIL member, you will have the opportunity to submit press releases, articles, and more to promote your lab with not only other ACIL members but the general public, as this newsletter is published on our website as well all of our social media platforms.  For past issues of Industry Insights, click here

Under Member News on our website, ACIL links to all member press releases received, giving your company instant exposure. ACIL strives to promote our members and see them thrive in today’s competitive market.

Human Resources Support Services

This exceptional member benefit is offered through SESCO Management Consultants, the nationally known firm that specializes in personnel and labor relations. Members are provided with complimentary phone consultation for any human resources matter, e.g., solving personnel problems, professional advice, recommendations, union activity, and reviews and critiques of company personnel manuals and policies.

For additional information, please contact Jamie Hasty, SESCO Vice President, at or (423) 764-4127.

For a more detailed description, click here.

Instrumentation and Supplies Discount

As an approved ACIL provider, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers member discounts on laboratory equipment, chemicals, and consumables. Any ACIL member in good standing is pre-qualified to receive all program discounts. To activate the program, simply begin making laboratory supply purchases through Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the ACIL discount benefits will be applied to your Thermo Fisher Scientific Account Number.

Download the Thermo Fisher Scientific brochure or visit the Thermo Fisher Scientific website for information about products, pricing, delivery and more. Thermo Fisher Scientific: ONE SOURCE, INFINITE SOLUTIONS.®

ANSI Publications Discount Program

ACIL is a member organization of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI has recently introduced a program that allows us to offer our members access to ANSI’s standards and conformity assessment information, as well as discounts on select standards purchased through ANSI’s Electronic Standards Store at no cost to ACIL members. The program allows ACIL members to become Affiliate Members of ANSI. All ANSI Affiliate Program information is delivered electronically, via email or accessed through the web at ANSI online.

As an ANSI Affiliate, members will receive discounts on select standards collections, a bi-weekly newsletter, an electronic version of the Institute’s quarterly magazine, and a complimentary single-user subscription to ANSI’s Standards Tracking and Automated Reporting (STAR) Service.

Pickering Laboratories Discount Program

ACIL is proud to offer their members the ability to receive a discount of 10% off list price on new post-column derivatization instrument orders from Pickering Laboratories.  This offer is EXCLUSIVE TO ACIL MEMBER LABS. Many of our members already use Pickering instruments, and this new benefit will allow those members to update any aging instruments or expand their capabilities.

To request a quote, please email Rebecca Smith at

If you would like help choosing the best Pickering instruments for your needs, contact and someone will be happy to assist you.

Media Partners Discount

Media Partners, creators of award-winning people skills training programs, is proud to partner with ACIL to offer it's members engaging and behavior-changing training programs.  Known for powerful storytelling and driven by data science, Media Partners' award-winning films and learning content help you change behavior so you can build the workplace your employees want and achieve the results your organization needs. 

ACIL Members will receive a 10% discount to choose from 150 video training programs on dozens of people skills and compliance training topics.  Available topics include:

  • Communication Counts: Speaking and Listening for Results
  • ACTIONS Speak! Behavioral Interviewing with Dr. Paul Green
  • How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less
  • Plus many more!

Click here to learn more about this Member Benefit!

Visit the Media Partners ACIL Members page for a full list of available titles. 


Agilent Online Store Discount

Sample prep products, HPLC and GC Columns, catalog chemical standards, chromatography and spectroscopy supplies. ACIL members can receive a 10% discount at the Agilent Online Store. 

  • Set up subscriptions orders to automatically receive regularly used supplies
  • Easily create lists for your most frequently used products
  • Other features to enhance your online shopping experience

Click here for the details on this Member Benefit