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Upcoming Webinars

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Archived Webinar Information


Business Practice Webinars

DOL Issues New Salary Threshold Requirements Effective January 2020Presented by SESCO Management Consultants


Comply with Wage-Hour RegulationsPresented by SESCO Management Consultants


Harassment in the Light of Me Too MovementPresented by SESCO Management Consultants

Assessing Customer Satisfaction - Presented by Marlene Moore

Mastering Technology Competency Management- Presented by Jay Fredkin, Peter Holtmann, Dan Cannon

Government Affairs - State of the Union Since the Election - Presented by Michael Oscar

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Becoming the Best Leader of them All – Presented by Rick Parmely, Polished and Professional LLC



Section Educational Webinars

Increasing Productivity & Decreasing Costs with Purge & Trap Sample Preparation - Presented by Anne Jurek

IEC International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR) - Presented by Don Heirman


IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC)Presented by Don Heirman


IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC), April 2019 Meeting - Presented by Don Heirman


ANSI Subcommittee 3 on International Standards Comparisons - Presented by Don Heirman


2/6/2019 USNC Technical Management Committee - Presented by Don Heirman


2/8/2019 USNC Technical Management Committee- Presented by Don Heirman


ILI ACIL Boards Seed - Presented by Don Heirman


ACIL FCC 1ghz Webinar - Presented by Don Heirman

Review of the Annual IEC CISPR Meeting - Presented by Don Heirman

Air Analysis - Understanding Thermal Desorption - Lee Marotta, PerkinElmer and Roberta Provost, Pace Analytical Services