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Technical Educational Associate Member Resources

Below are Associate Members with educational resources that may be helpful in analyst enrichment.

Click on the linked text to get to the resource page for each company. 


A library with a variety of guides and manuals, recommended supplies and catalogs and instructional videos to help with trouble-shooting, maintenance and proper usage of equipment 


A large library of application notes on a page with tabs for webinars and other resources 


Application notes and other resources


Click on the industry of interest under industries or look at the Technical Support tab to get to information directly. Click here.

Analytical Excellence, Inc.

Technical, quality and business-oriented programs offered

Pickering Labs

Application notes and other resources can be found here


Click on the resources Tab and choose application notes, videos and other useful sources of information. Start here.

Promium LLC

A variety of case studies detailing the LIMS need and use

Environmental Sampling Supply (ESS)

Details on specifications and processes


A library of short videos covering applications and hardware questions

EST Analytical

Click on the Industries Tab and select the market area of interest.  Lots of information is located right there. Start here.


A variety of support materials including knowledge-based articles and training materials

FIAlab Instruments, Inc.

Videos on recent presentations and how-to instructions

SEAL Analytical, Inc.

Methods and approvals or webinars available under About Seal. Start here.

GFS Chemicals, Inc.

Certificates of analysis, literature, FAQs and other information


Click on the area of interest and view an overview of capabilities or click on Resources instead and see webinars or look for application notes with more technical detail


A variety of insights and resources


Choose the free handbook of sample preparation or click on the fields of application for specific information in one area. Start here. 


A series of detailed blog posts and industrial sector information


Teledyne Advanced Chemistry Systems (TACS)

A variety of videos for e-learning and application information


Webinars, training and videos

Thermofisher Scientific

A variety of application notes and on-demand webinars for different market segments. Start here.


O.I. Analytical

Library with search capability

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