Environmental Sciences Section
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ACIL members in its Environmental Sciences Section (ESS) include professional scientific services firms engaged in measurement and research yielding data about pollutants and other byproducts in soils, air, water, hazardous waste and drinking water

For members only, ESS conference calls are held the third Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm ET (11:00 am PT).  Please contact Bob Uttenweiler, Section Executive Officer, if you would like to be added to the ESS distribution list, ruttenweiler@acil.org.

For more specifics on activities relating to environmental sciences, review the section's value proposition.


Jason Shields - NSF International

Jerry Singh - RTI Labs

Tarun Anumol - Agilent

David Kennedy - Phenomenex

Brad Meadows - Babcock Labs

Kim Ramsay - Neilson Research Corporation

Kelly Cravenor - EST Analytical

Agustin Pierri - Weck Labs

Section Executive Officer: Bob Uttenweiler

EPA Liaison: David Friedman

ESS Programs

Environmental Laboratory Data Integrity Initiative Program

ESS Discussion Forum

ESS 2019 P2 Section Presentations

Analyst Enrichment Program Update
Business Practices Update
EPA CAA Methods Update
EPA CWA Methods Update
EPA SW846 Methods Update
TNI & 600 Series QC Project Updates

ESS Publications

Independent Testing: Protecting the Health and Welfare of the United States (2019)

The Critical Role of the Independent Testing Laboratory in Environmental Compliance (2019)

EPA on Laboratory Accreditation (2013)

New Jersey Low Level TO-iS Method References (2011)

ACIL's Third Party Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Initiative (White Paper)

Environmental Laboratory Report (pdf)

ACIL Signs Agreement with USEPA

Data Integrity Policy Statement (2003) (pdf)

ELDII Environment Laboratory Data Integrity Guidelines(2003)

ESS Minutes (Members Only) 

Section Minutes

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