Independent Laboratories Institute (ILI)
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Independent Laboratories Institute

The Independent Laboratories Institute (ILI) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), scientific educational organization established in 1992 that is multi-disciplined and member-driven.

The purpose for which the ILI is organized is to operate exclusively for educational, charitable, and research purposes, which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Educational activities in the form of seminars, conferences, webinars

  • Education materials such as technical papers, best practice case studies and other educational content

  • Research studies to enhance and promote the use of new technologies and procedures

  • Training & Certification programs, including manufacturer/supplier and service provider content

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Board of Directors

Joe Konschnik - Chair

  • David Kennedy (Vice-Chair)
  • Steve Eilliott (Treasurer, CMET Representative)
  • Michael Flournoy (FSS Representative)
  • Ray Klouda (CAS Representative)
  • Agustin Pierri (ESS Representative)
  • Zoe Grosser (Associate Member Representative)
  • Doug Leonard (AB Representative)

ILI New Technology Incubator Program 

A major barrier to innovation with respect to advancing measurement science, in those segments of the laboratory testing business that are controlled by federal government regulations, is the delay in Agencies approving new technologies. To address this problem, ILI initiated its New Technology Incubator Program, which serves as a means for the monitoring community to work with their regulatory agency counterparts to develop and validate methods for applying these new technologies.

Two recent collaborations include:

  • ILI recently completed an effort that resulted in EPA proposing to expand use of the Solid Phase Extraction technique in its Clean Water Act regulatory program monitoring 
  • A collaboration with FDA to provide method round-robin testing with ACIL member laboratories, allowing the laboratories to become familiar with methodology early in the process and give feedback on operation

This program permits the innovators, the laboratories, and other interested parties to establish a partnership and work with the agency to move new technology forward faster, with the result that productivity improvements are available to the laboratories much sooner.

Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation Project

ILI is working with the Cannabis Working Group to ensure that quality testing, ensured through laboratory accreditation, more fully described here.

Full activities of the Cannabis Working Group, including advocacy efforts taking place through ACIL, can be seen here.



  • Cannabis Lab workshop, October 2017 National Meeting, as part of the Food Section Meeting
  • Workshop with FDA to Discuss Educational and Research Opportunities, Feb 2017