"Solid Phase Extraction" Presentation a Success at NEMC Session
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The “Solid Phase Extraction Comes of Age” presentation at the recently completed National En-vironmental Monitoring  Conference in Chicago was well received and favorably presented ILI/ACIL to the environmental community.

Chaired by David Kennedy, PhD, Phenomenex, and Zoe Grosser, PhD, Horizon Technology, this 4-hour session provided an overview of the recently completed collaboration between the Independent Laboratory Institute (ILI) and the USEPA Office of Water to design and validate a generic Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) protocol for the preparation of wastewater samples for GCMS analysis. The session also provided a forum for the participating SPE vendors to present a synopsis of their individual SPE solutions under the generic protocol. This was followed by a Q&A session moderated by Dr. Grosser. In closing, Dr. Kennedy presented a vision of the future direction of the collaborative ILI/ACIL technology acceptance process. 

The ILI single blind study involved six SPE vendors (Agilent, Fluid Management Systems, Ger-stel, Horizon Technology, Phenomenex and UCT)and over twenty laboratories, both private and public.  The results of the study confirmed the value of SPE for wastewater sample preparation and demonstrated the appropriateness of a generic protocol for a wide variety of SPE product chemistries and configurations.

More importantly, based upon the success of the SPE study, the ILI collaboration model is now being proposed as a tool to facilitate the introduction of new measurement technology for envi-ronmental monitoring.

After the presentation, several individuals and organizations conveyed their interest in becoming involved in the continued development of the SPE program and other significant issues of im-portance to the commercial laboratory industry.  With the interest generated and the support expressed, ILI has now set the stage to build further support to move the incubator projects for-ward as a vital ACIL/ILI program.