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This section of the ACIL web site facilitates communication among member laboratories for outsourcing work, selling/buying materials, equipment, laboratories, etc., and addresses specific requests and questions for laboratories from the professional and/or public sector.  For members only, click here to view our "In Search Of' section for a list of classifieds, and opportunities to provide services to other member laboratories.

If you have a testing need, search our database to find a laboratory (ACIL corporate or sub location member) by name, state, zip code or section (i.e., practice area), using the search engine below.  Section acronyms are defined as follows:

    CAS - Conformity Assessment Section
    ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
    EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility

    CMET - Construction Materials, Engineering & Testing
    ESS - Environmental Sciences Section
    FSS - Food Sciences Section

Click here to get a detail description of each Section.

If you are unable to locate a laboratory using the above method, send an email. to Beth Horan and include:

  • a detailed description of the object you need tested

  • any governmental/independent standards you are required to meet

  • your name, address, telephone number and email address

  • any additional criteria you have for the test (such as proximity to your physical location)

Representatives from ACIL member laboratories will contact you directly if they can be of service to you.

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